Canyon of the river Ternava (water route)

Hiking down the cascade of waterfalls,  rest on the beach, rafting down the Dniester Reservoir. And all of these against the incredible landscapes of the Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park. And more – during the route you will see one of the parts of the river Ternava, which looks like a Scandinavian fjord. So let’s open the Scandinavian Podillia!

Canyon of the river Smotrych (water rout)

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Canyon of the river Smotrych, clear and warm water of the cosy bay, serenity of nature and the sun of Podillia, you should visit the place, where the river tries to protect its identity in impetuous torrents of loops from the confluence with the Dniester. During the journey you will get acquainted with the nature of the Canyon of the river Smotrych outside the town and take a swim, if you want to. This journey will let you take a rest from the stresses of everyday life and spend a few hours at one with nature.