Urban landscapes of Kamianets-Podilskyi

You were impressed by the Canyon of the river Smotrych and you want to see what it consists of but you don’t want to go down the river, the weather is bad or you don’t have much time – look down on the local cobblestones and you may hear its history during steady walk. You can connect this route easily with the city sightseeing.

Secrets of Smotrych Canyon

Kamyanets-Podilskyi is famous not only for its medieval fortress. The surrounding nature and terrain can also tell incredible stories from the past. While traveling around Kamianets Castle, you will have a unique opportunity to feel like archaeologists who are “hunting” for fossils of other ancient creatures. And maybe you can find your trilobite!

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Canyon of the river Ternava (water route)

Hiking down the cascade of waterfalls,  rest on the beach, rafting down the Dniester Reservoir. And all of these against the incredible landscapes of the Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park. And more – during the route you will see one of the parts of the river Ternava, which looks like a Scandinavian fjord. So let’s open the Scandinavian Podillia!

Dniester Cruise (Bakota-Khotyn)

Sailboat, wildlife, river cruises and rock monastery… These and other fascinating objects are waiting for you during a two-day cruise of one of the main waterways of our country on the Dniester River.

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The route will take you to the flooded village of Bakota, as well as to the historic town Khotyn. The water journey passes through the Podilsky Tovtry National Nature Park, so get ready to admire the incredible landscapes of one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine. We are sure that a river trip with its romance will allow you to feel like a real captain of the ship. So go with the wind!

Canyon of the river Smotrych (water rout)

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Canyon of the river Smotrych, clear and warm water of the cosy bay, serenity of nature and the sun of Podillia, you should visit the place, where the river tries to protect its identity in impetuous torrents of loops from the confluence with the Dniester. During the journey you will get acquainted with the nature of the Canyon of the river Smotrych outside the town and take a swim, if you want to. This journey will let you take a rest from the stresses of everyday life and spend a few hours at one with nature.

Paleoroute: Devon fishing (hunting spots of the red Dzhurynski cliffs) and deceitful Sarmat beaches (sand with shark teeth)

Short and informative route to get acquainted with landscapes of the river Dzhuryn. During the journey you will search for the ancient fossil which reveals the nature conditions of the Devon, the Cretaceous and the Neogene periods. Your route along the Dniester Canyon with the stories of the professional guide will turn into the unique “fishing” for the fossil.

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Dniester voyage (Bakota – the river Ternava)

The tributaries of the Dniester fascinate no less than the Dniester itself. The Ushytsia, the Studenytsia and the Ternava tempt the travellers with their primal nature and strange landscapes. Here you can find everything you need for the quiet voyage – meanders of rivers, overhanging cliffs and unbelievable landscapes.